A production order is an order to produce a certain quantity of a given product, assigned to a worker or to a group of workers.

To create a production order you must have already set the workers, operations, and products you will need to use in the system.

1) Main dashboard

Click on "Production Orders" in the sidebar.

2) Production Orders screen

In the Production Orders screen click “+Add Production Order”.

3) Production Orders Form

In the production order form click “+Add Product”.

4) Add Product

Fill the following fields:

  • “Product” – The product that will be produced (you can add more than one product to a Production Order);

  • “Quantity Ordered” - The number of products to be produced;

  • “Code” – the product identification;

  • “Start date” – Day/time when the production order must start;

  • “Due date” – Day/time when the production order must end;

  • "Assigned Workers" - Workers assigned to the job on this Production Order.

In the end, click on “Save Production Order”.

Creating a new product for a Production Order

You can directly create a new product for a Production Order, when creating that order, for that, type in the desired product code and tap "Create a new product with Code".


There are different warnings that can appear when creating a Production Order.

(1.) "Warning! This Production Order has raw materials assigned that can not be produced! Please consider adding a process template to the product."

(2.) "Warning! This Production Order has no workers assigned!"

Warning (1.)

  • In the first warning (1.) when a new product is created through the Production order there are no Operations assigned to it so a warning will appear.

The same will happen if a raw material that already exists in Autodesk Prodsmart is added to a Production Order.

How to solve this warning?

Add a process template to the product

First the process template needs to be already created, to do that check this article.

Then after creating the new product in PO assigned it by selecting the 'Associate Process Template'.

A new pop-up window will appear for you to select the process template for that product, choose it and press Save.

Remember to save the production order after this step and the Warning will disappear.

Warning (2.)

  • In the case of the second warning (2.) it is related to the workers, if there are no workers assigned to it.

How to solve this warning?

To solve this warning just add the worked to the specific field (point 4) of this article), if you don't have workers created yet, you can also create them in the Production order go to Advanced Fields --> Assigned workers '+Create new worker'.

Note: Format for workers creation "Number - Name"

Remember to save the production order after this step and the Warning will disappear.

For any warnings, in the Production Orders view a ⚠️ sign will appear next to that production order code. It's an information that not all fields needed to perform this PO are fulfilled.

Now that you already know how to create production orders know more about the main dashboard.

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