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In Autodesk Prodsmart you can use our Application Programming Interface or API, as a way to communicate other programs.

First you'll need you API credentials (API Key and API Secret) in order to have a token authorization.

How to get the API Key and API Secret?

In order to succeed in the following steps you need to have an Admin role otherwise you'll not have access to the information.

1. Go to your name and press profile

2. In your profile you'll find the API key, if you don't have it and you're an Admin user please reach out to us.

3. Click to reveal as in the image above and you'll have the API secret.

Now you can generate your token, using the API Key as your Username and the API Secret as Password.

You can find the Prodsmart API documentation along with the triggers available from our webhooks in this link.


1. Are there any guides on how to connect Prodsmart with other softwares?

We don't have this information available. Despite providing help on understanding how the API works, the effort of connecting to other systems is not done by Prodsmart.

Need help? Request a Prodsmart expert to contact you here.

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