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How to create or edit a device setup?
How to create or edit a device setup?
Learn how to configure your shop floor equipment.
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In Autodesk Prodsmart your devices can have specific setups with different buttons/dashboards depending on the use of the equipment by your workers. Those devices setups can be shared with other tablets if needed.

How can I create a Device Setup?

1. Go to Devices Setups under Devices

2. Press +Add device Setup or follow this link

3. After step 2. you will be prompted with the page below. Here you can enter the device 'Code', select its buttons, set it to be default and the type.

Here are some details on the fields options:

  • Code: the code for the device setup you want to configure,

  • There are 2 different Setup types you can create:

    • Input device: has access to the shop floor tablet buttons only,

    • Dashboard device: has access to the back-office dashboards only .

  • Buttons/Add buttons: depending on the Setup Type previously chosen different options will be presented in this dropdown and you can select one or more buttons. It's also possible to switch the order by dragging.

  • Increase Device Tiles size: When this option is enabled, the tiles of the entity to be selected (such as product, operation, shipping) increase substantially. This feature allows more information to be presented in the tablet buttons. The size is not customizable.

Increase Device Tiles size disabled

Increase Device Tiles size enabled

  • Default: if selected it will be the Default device setup the Setup type associated when a new device is logged in with that type.

How can I edit a Device Setup?

1. Just go to the Device setup menu and click the Edit button.

2. You can add/remove buttons and switch the order.

Check this link to know how to manage your input and dashboard devices.

If you still have some doubts about the ‘Device setup creation’, feel free to reach out in our live-chat feature or directly to your CSM.

Need help? Request a Prodsmart expert to contact you here.

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