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The Worker Group feature allows several workers with the same job function to be grouped, identifying them to be able to work in a certain task.

This feature is specially relevant when it is not known in advanced which worker will work on a certain task, only that whoever may preform it must be equipped to do so.

Additionally, when it is desired to assign a specific group of workers to a Production Order, this feature allows to add a subset of workers instead of adding each one individually.

In order to add a Worker to a Worker Group you should follow the following steps:

1. Through the Workers Panel, you should select the sub panel "Workers Group".

2. In the Workers Group sub Panel press the option "Add worker Group".

3. In the Workers Group Form you must complete the following fields:

  • Name: The description you would like to associate to your worker group (ie: Assembly).

  • Workers: The workers that will belong to that specific worker group.

4. After completing the required fields, you should press "Save Worker Group".

This feature is available in several pages across Autodesk Prodsmart, such as in production orders, production reports, downtime, costs, skills, training sessions and listing filters.

In the following images, two examples of where this feature is available are presented.

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