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Communicating Inventory from Prodsmart to Shopify
Communicating Inventory from Prodsmart to Shopify
Learn how to sync your Prodsmart stock withv Shopify
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Autodesk Prodsmart allows you to communicate your current stock to other applications such as Shopify, Wayfair Quickbooks and more. In this article we will explain how to do it for Shopify.

If you want to know more about stock communication in QBD check this article, for QBO check this and for Wayfair check this one.

Let's start!

The communication of Inventory information is only possible from Prodsmart to other applications.

Enabling the inventory sync requires activating first the integration with Shopify. In case you haven't done this yet, please follow these steps:

To do this:

1. Visit the integrations page on your profile or speak to your Account Manager to activate it.

2. Find Shopify under the E-COMMERCE AND MARKETPLACES and press Configure:

3. Add your Shop Domain.

Update the Inventory

After completing points 1 to 3, you should add 'Shopify' under the “Marketplace” field in the Edit product page. This will allow you to communicate inventory of that specify product to the marketplace selected (image below).

If the option Marketplace it's not available on your end please reach out to us or your CSM.

You must repeat this procedure for all the products that you want to communicate stock for.

The exchange of Stock information is performed considering that the ‘Product name’ in Shopify will corresponds to the ‘Product name’ in Prodsmart. If those do not match, the sync doesn’t occur.

In Shopify's end, the product needs to be in the status 'Active' and the setting 'Track inventory' should be active, otherwise the communication won't be successful.

Within the integration no additional action is needed from you. The quantities are automatically updated with production, receiving and shipping.

What is being communicated?

To know what inventory is being send to Shopify you can press 'Communicate Inventory to external sources' in the Inventory menu.

There you can find a table, as in the image below, of the stock being communicated and how those calculations are made.

In this table the important information is:

  • Quantity at hand that is the quantity available for new orders.

    • formula = quantity in stock - Quantity on orders

  • Quantity on orders is the quantity not shipped in open sales orders that can be fulfilled. (open/closed orders that haven’t yet been archived or the ASN sent)

Note: Even if it is shipped through the back office, it will not be discounted in the quantity on orders. To discount it is necessary that the ASN is sent or that the sales order is archived.

  • Quantity backordered which is missing quantity to fulfil the current sales orders.

    • formula = Quantity in open and closed orders where the ASN was not sent yet - Quantity in Stock. If this value is negative (such as -3), we use the modulus of it (which is 3). Else, is set to 0.

For inventory communication Shopify only supports the Quantity at hand, therefore the other values will not be send.

Important notes:

  • This page is only to Check the stocks being sent at a specific moment. We advise not to edit or confirm anything in it without the help of your CSM or the Support team.

  • Canceled Orders should be archived by the user so that they won't impact quantity on orders.


1. Is it possible to assign inventory to two different locations in Shopify with Prodsmart?

No that option it's not available at this moment we only support one location.

If after reading this article you still have some doubts, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-chat feature, or directly to your CSM.

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