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Autodesk Prodsmart allows you to connect with several other softwares through an integration with Zapier.

This means it's possible to receive information in Prodsmart from several other softwares that are not individually integrated with us.

In this article, you can see how to set it up and what data flows/triggers are available from Zapier to Prodsmart.

Before starting these steps please reach out to us in order to make sure everything is ready in terms of settings.

To access the integration page, follow these steps:

1. Connect both systems, to do this click on the User/company name and select 'Integrations' (you must have admin access)

2. Find Zapier, on bottom of the page, and press 'Configure'

3. Enter your Zapier account and it should be connected after this step.

After step 3, you should be able to create and update some entities. On the the table below you can check which actions are possible within the integration.






Production Orders

Sales orders

Disclaimer: All the configurations needed for Zapier to create the entities above in Prodsmart will not be made by the Prodsmart team.


1. Can I send data from Autodesk Prodsmart to other softwares using Zapier?

No, the communication it's only made from other softwares to Zapier to Prodsmart. Autodesk Prodsmart cannot trigger data transference through Zapier but you can use our Webhooks service for that.

2. Can I send information to Prodsmart from any software in the market?

No, only if the software exists in Zapier. To check which are available press here.

If after reading this article you still have some doubts, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-chat feature, or directly to your CSM.

Need help? Request a Prodsmart expert to contact you here.

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