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Multiple Products/PO Simultaneously Operations
Multiple Products/PO Simultaneously Operations
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This operation setting allows a worker to be executing the same operation in multiple production orders and/or products.

For example, a worker can be doing an operation "CUTTING" where only one raw material comes in, but different sub-products come out, feeding multiple production orders and/or products. 

To set up operations to work this way you must give the exact same code to all operations and select the option "Multiple Products/POs simultaneously". See an example in the image below on where to activate this operation setting.

From now on the worker who has this operations will see Autodesk Prodsmart on a tablet or smartphone in a slightly different way. When he's inserting a production, the system will also ask the "Multi Operation" he wants to work on. Then the worker only needs to select the Production Orders and the Products to be produced.

It is possible to select products all at once by clicking on "Select all products", and to stop the selection by clicking "No more products".

This will open as many production records as production orders/products selected. In our example, two records have been opened.

To finish the production, the worker only needs to follow the steps in this video, giving the quantities for each product that was selected before.


1. Why can't I see the option to select all orders when starting a multi operation?

To be able to select all orders when starting a multi operation the setting "Allow to select all orders when start producing multiple products / POs simultaneously" must be active. You can find it in Settings > Production > Multis.

2. Is it possible to close all production records at the same time? And thus, not specifying the quantities produced in each record.

Yes, that is possible. To enable this option, go to Settings > Production > Multis and enable the setting "Allow to close all records at once when producing multiple products/POs simultaneously". Beware that this option doesn't support parameters, checklists, team operations, work instructions, lot/serial number input and consumptions.

When this setting is active and the worker is closing the record, the following options are displayed.

The options have the following behaviors:

  • Suspend all: will close all records with a quantity of 0.

  • Close all: will close all records with the missing quantity (the quantity ordered on the production order minus the quantity produced until that moment).

  • Close one by one: will allow the worker to close each record individually (same behavior as if the setting was inactive).

3. How is the time split on multi operations?

The time can be split on three different ways, that can be defined also on Settings > Production > Multis > "Split Multi PO/products time mode".

  • Do not split: all records will have the same time spent, which is the time between the record end and start time. If the worker was producing on 2 records for 30 minutes, each record will have a time spent of 30 minutes.

  • Split evenly: the time spent will be divided by the number of records. If the worker was producing on 2 records for 30 minutes, each record will have a time spent of 15 minutes.

  • Split according to estimated duration: the time spent will be divided considered the time estimated for each record. If the worker is working during 40 minutes on operations 'op1' and 'op2', with an estimated time of 8 minutes and 20 minutes, respectively, the system will allocate 11m26s to op1 (40*(8/28)) and 28m34s to op2 (40*(20/28)).

This feature is optional and you'll only have operations working like this if you follow the steps above. If you have any doubt about this or related features, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-Chat feature or directly with your Account Manager!

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