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Multiple Products/PO Simultaneously Operations
Multiple Products/PO Simultaneously Operations
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This setting allows a worker to be executing the same Operation in multiple Production Orders and/or Products.

For example, a worker can be doing an operation "Cut" where only one raw material comes in, but different sub-products come out, feeding multiple Production Orders and/or Products. 

To set up Operations to work this way you only need to give the exact same code to all Operations and select the option "Multiple Products/POs simultaneously". See an example in the video below where two cut operations were changed and they were renamed as "Cut".

From now on the worker who has this operations will see Autodesk Prodsmart on a tablet or smartphone in a slightly different way. When he's inserting a production, the system will also ask the "Multi Operation" he wants to work on. Then he only needs to select the Production Order and the Products he wants to work on. He can select all the available Products at once (for the Production Orders he'll need to do it one by one like before). Watch the video below to see what changes on the tablet/smartphone view:

To finish the production, the worker only needs to follow the steps in this video, giving the quantities for each product:

This feature is optional and you'll only have Operations working like this if you follow the steps above. If you have doubts about this and if this is something suitable to your production process just talk with us!

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