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How to authenticate mobile devices via QR code
How to authenticate mobile devices via QR code
Check how to log your tablet in the Autodesk Prodsmart app
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Autodesk Prodsmart has two different interfaces:

  • The management interface (available to users). This interface can be accessed via "sign in with Autodesk".

  • The mobile interface (available for devices - tablets, smartphones, TVs and computers). To access this interface, you must login using a QR code authentication method.

After downloading the Prodsmart app, one of the screens below will be prompted. If you see the screen on the left, you should click "sign in with QR code" to be forwarded to the screen on the right. The tablet authentication method can only be done using an administrator profile.

On the screen above (on the right), you can tap on any of the two options for further instructions. Below you can see additional instructions for both methods.

To log in a device using the mobile app, the steps are the following:

1. You will need two equipments to perform this:

a) one with access to the management interface (to be logged in / logged in with an admin profile)

b) one that you want to have access to the mobile interface (which will be authenticated).

2. Log in on the device with your administrator credentials (via "Sign in with Autodesk") and click (1) "Read QR Code". If you are already logged in, click on the user menu on the top right corner and click (2) "Authenticate Tablet via QR Code".

3. In the following screen, you can (1) directly scan the QR code displayed on the tablets that you want to authenticate (using your device's camera). If the QR code cannot be read for any reason, you can (2) introduce the code shown on the tablet as a fallback.

4. Give a name to the device (1), choose the device type - Tablet/smartphone or TV/dashboard - (2) and choose a device setup (3) and click "Confirm".

In case you'd like to log in more tablets, you must click "Confirm and Add Another".

To log in the device using the browser, the steps are the following:

1. Log in with your admin credentials (via "Sign in with Autodesk").

2. Go to your user menu on the top right corner and select the option "Authenticate Tablet/TV via QR Code".

3. The screen below will be displayed, and a code will be asked. Here, you must introduce the code displayed on the tablet that you're logging in and click "Confirm".

4. Give a name to the tablet and click "Confirm". In case you'd like to add more tablets, you must click "Confirm and Add Another".


1. How can I customize the buttons on the tablet?

You can either choose another device setup in the input devices page:

Or you can Edit the device setup (Note that this approach will impact all the devices with this device setup assigned to them):

2. How can I prevent workers from logging out of the input device by mistake?

In case you want to have a layer of protection to prevent workers from logging out, it is possible to have a tablet logout verification code. To activate that option go to Settings -> General -> Tablet, where you can define a code that the shop floor users need to introduce to logout. This option is just available for admin users.

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