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Integrations with E-commerce and Marketplaces
Integrations with E-commerce and Marketplaces
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Autodesk Prodsmart allows you to integrate with several E-commerce and Marketplaces to simplify the process of buy and selling goods online.

Marketplaces and E-commerce

In the tablet below you have the Marketplaces and E-commerce that are available to configure with Autodesk Prodsmart and the options available within.

Intake (1)



Amazon SC







✅ (2)

✅ (2)

Shopify (3)


Wayfair (3)


(1) Order update is not supported for any marketplace.

(2) Only via Excel.

(3) Inventory update from Prodsmart to Wayfair (see article) and Shopify (see article). Within Wayfair, it is also possible to have Inventory update to Castlegate.

Order Intake

The order intake sync for Shopify is immediate. For Wayfair, Amazon and Houzz the sync occurs every 10 minutes. For all the remaining marketplaces, the sync occurs every 30 minutes.

It is also possible to manually get the orders by clicking on the "Get Sales Orders" button. This will sync open orders for a different time interval: last 24 hours for Wayfair, last 2 weeks for Amazon and Houzz, all orders for Shopify, and last 5 days for all other marketplaces.

Label Printing and Sending ASN

Both these options are available on the sales orders bulk actions.

Labels can be printed on the Print Documents option (1), and the Send ASN is available right after (2). If you do not have it available, read the options below.

There are different ways to set the automatism to send the ASN:

  • Automatically, when the labels are printed,

  • Both automatically (when the labels are printed) and manually (via back office),

  • Manually in the back office, after printing the labels,

  • Manually in the back office, without requiring printing first - only available for Shopify.

Carrier integrations

Autodesk Prodsmart also connects with a variety of carriers to suit your shipping needs:

  • FedEx


  • UPS

1. To connect them click on the User/company name and select 'Integrations'.

2. Configure the one you want or all of them.

If you have one of these carriers you can have the shipping labels printed through your carrier accounts in Autodesk Prodsmart.

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