Zeroing Inventory
Learn how to zero out your inventory in Autodesk Prodsmart.
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Autodesk Prodsmart gives you the possibility to import inventory movements in bulk, which allows you to zero out your inventory.

To do this start by:

1. Going to the Inventory page and clicking ‘Excel (Whole list)’ to download the whole inventory from Prodsmart.

You will get an Excel named “exportStocks” with the stock per lot on the second tab.

2. Now you should get the template to import the inventory, which is also available on the stocks page, after clicking Import (1) and Import Inventory Fix (2).

3. Now get the template by clicking on ‘Excel’ link and you will get the import template named “prodsmart-import-stock-fix".

4. Afterwards, you should copy the information that you got previously from the current inventory export (“exportStocks”) to match the columns on the inventory import (“prodsmart-import-stock-fix"). Make sure to copy the product code, lot, warehouse, and warehouse location.

In column C – Quantity should be set to zero. If applicable, you should also set the column F – Cost to zero.

5. Finally import your “prodsmart-import-stock-fix" file, check that everything is correct and confirm.

Other columns in the import:

  • Product Parameters (Column B): Variable Parameters (if they exist) for the product you are creating a movement for.

  • Date (Column D): Date of the movements that will be created, if not filled the current date will be used:

    • If your locale is ‘en-US’, the format is ‘MM/DD/YYYY - HH:MM (AM/PM)’ (12h format);

    • If your locale is ‘pt-PT’, the format is ‘DD/MM/YYYY - HH:MM’ (24h format).

  • Cost (Column F): Total cost for the movement or total cost for the Product / Lot / Warehouse Location after the import (according to the import type that you chose).

  • Comment (Column G): In this field you can leave a comment that will be in the inventory movement created. This way you can easily afterwards identify the imported movements in your “Inventory Movements” tab.

Zero out Stocks for a family of products or a Warehouse

For zeroing stocks for a family of products or a Warehouse go back to step 1., before extracting the ‘Excel (Whole list)’, now you must filter accordingly and then extract the excel.

At this point just follow the same steps from 2 - 5 previously mentioned.

If you still have some doubts about the ‘Bulk Inventory Import’, feel free to reach out in our live-chat feature or directly to your CSM.

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