We've recently made enhancements across our platform to improve your experience while navigating through the system.

Among the changes performed, the most relevant can be found on production orders, sales orders and purchase orders.

Production Orders

The most relevant changes for production orders can be seen below:

1. The Production order code, dates and predicted duration have been moved to the top part of the screen;

2. Product parameters and observations are now nested under the product, allowing you to have a better experience when entering this information;

3. The description has been moved outside the "Advanced Fields" tab;

4. The assigned workers dropdown has been moved inside the "Advanced Fields" tab.

Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

The interfaces for managing sales and purchases have the following differences:

1. The option "Print" has been moved to the top of the page. Same occurs for "View Production Orders" and "Notifications" (these last two just apply for Sales Orders).

2. There is an "Advanced Fields" tab, which contains non mandatory fields, such as Observations, Price, Notes and Files;

3. Similarly to production orders, product parameters and observations are now nested under the product;

4. The summary information has been enhanced with additional information: summary per product, number of requested products and summary of total quantities. This table is displayed both for Sales and Purchase Orders.

We will keep on improving our interfaces, so keep an eye on our newest updates. Reach out to us in case you have any questions!

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