In Autodesk Prodsmart, you can associate a Product to a Supplier and add the Supplier Part Code for that product.

There are two ways to do this:

  • you can attach this connection when editing a product

  • You can also import this connection in bulk for multiple products

On this article we will show you both ways to create these associations.

Associate a specific Product to a Supplier

1. Go to Products -> Choose the product you want to associate to a Supplier and Press Edit.

2. Press the tab ‘Suppliers’

3. Associate the Product to a Supplier and give it a Supplier Product Code. (One product can be associated with multiple Suppliers). You can leave it empty and the product will still be associated to the supplier. Autodesk Prodsmart will use the Product Code as the Supplier Product Code.

4. Press “Save” to save the changes.

Importing Several Product-Supplier associations.

You can import the Product-Supplier association and Supplier Product code in bulk to multiple Products by following the steps below :

1. Go to Purchase Orders - > Suppliers

2. Press “Import” - > “Import Products per Supplier”

3. Here you can download a template file and fill it out accordingly, there are 3 columns you should fill in the import template :

Product Code (Column A) : The product code in Prodsmart

Supplier Product Code (Column B ) : Part number given by the supplier to this product

Supplier Code (Column C) : Code for the Supplier in Prodsmart

4. Choose your file and click “Start to Send”

5. Review the import and press “Confirm”

The importer also accepts updates of Supplier Product Code and you can leave the field blank (Supplier Product Code will be the same as Product Code)

Impact of Supplier association in Purchase Orders

When creating a Purchase Order, after you fill in the Supplier field, products that are associated with that Supplier will be first in the list, and will have their Supplier Product Code displayed (it is also searchable).

Please bear in mind that :

  • Products that are associated with a Supplier will not show up on Purchase Orders for other Suppliers.

  • Products with no Supplier associated, will be available on Purchase Orders for all Suppliers.

When selecting a product that has a Supplier Product Code that part number will be displayed below it.

When printing the Purchase Order you now have the option to print it with the Prodsmart Code or with the Supplier Part Code.


Print with Internal Codes

Print with External Codes

If you still have some doubts about the ‘Product- Supplier Association’, feel free to reach out in our live-chat feature or directly to your CSM.

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