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See how to request maintenance work for a machine on the tablet
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Autodesk Prodsmart allows you to create Maintenance Orders, which you must perform to keep your Machines working smoothly. Maintenance Orders might be regular servicing of equipment, routine checks, repair work, and replacement of worn or nonfunctional parts.

You can collect maintenance work data directly from the shopfloor and you can also request maintenance work to be performed from your mobile device. To do so, follow the guide below.

Don’t forget to setup your mobile device to configure the ‘Request Maintenance’ button and make it available.

1. On your tablet, click in ‘Request Maintenance’.

2. Select the machine which needs maintenance.

3. Describe why you are requesting a maintenance order.

4. Select the priority for this maintenance.

5. You’re done! You requested a Maintenance Order, that someone in the back office will need to approve. In the picture below you can see how maintenance requests appear in the back office. Learn how to consult and approve a maintenance order in the back office here .

6. Once your maintenance order has been approved, you can start working on it. Learn how to do it here.

If you still have any doubts about this process or you still cannot find what you're looking for, you're welcome to use our live-chat feature or to ask directly to your account manager!

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