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Maintenance Requests

Learn how Maintenance Requests appear on the back office view and how to approve/reject them.

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Note: To learn how to create a ‘Maintenance Request’ in the mobile application, check our article on it here.

In Autodesk Prodsmart, after an operator creates a ‘Maintenance Request’ you can approve or reject it in the back office view. You can also set up an alert to be sent when a ‘Maintenance Request’ is made.

To do this go to ‘Maintenance’ and check the ‘Pending Requests’ tab. The number of pending requests will be shown in this tab, with the number of pending requests highlighted on the tab.

In this menu you have access to all the information about the ‘Maintenance Request’, who made it, the machine needing maintenance and the reason for the request.

Here you can approve the request or reject it by deleting it.

If you click ‘Approve request’, a new screen opens up, where you can create the ‘Maintenance Order’ - the information previously filled by the worker is pre-filled here but it can also be edited.

Note: Please be sure to assign a worker(s) and a checklist to it (if applicable).

After confirming the information, a new corrective ‘Maintenance Order’ will be created for the ‘Maintenance Request’.

If you need any help or clarification regarding 'Maintenance Requests', feel free to reach out to us through our Live Chat feature or directly through your CSM!

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