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Learn how to ship your products to fulfill Sales Orders

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When you have the goods needed (or part of them) to fulfill a Sales Orders and you want to send them out to clients, you can use the Ship function in Autodesk Prodsmart.

This will automatically deduct the shipped units from your Inventory and give you a visual indication of how you are doing, regarding Sales Order completeness.

To do this you can:

1. Go to the Sales Order menu

2. Go to the Sales Order you wish to ship for and press the ‘Ship’ button.

3. Here you can select the quantity, lot and location and also the Package Type (If you have created them in ‘Shipping Package Types’) In case you want to ship and leave any observations you might want to add.

4. After filling in the information you can check the summary to confirm if everything is correct, by confirming these units will be shipped out of inventory and Sales order completeness will rise accordingly.

Shipping Auto Fulfilment

By pressing the ‘Magic Wand’ on the top right corner you are presented with two auto fulfilment options. These will auto fill the shipping information the lots and locations selected will depend on which option you choose.

‘Fulfil Shipping with Inventory’ - This will fulfil the shipment with the stock you have available, using a ‘First In First Out’ approach.

‘Fulfil Shipping with Production Orders’ - If you have created ‘Production Orders’ to produce the units needed for this ‘Sales Order’, it will use the units produced in the ‘Production Orders’ to fulfil the shipping.

Note: There are several documents you can print for the Sales Order before and after you ship it, you can read about them here.

If you have any doubt about these or related features, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-Chat feature or directly with your Account Manager!

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