How to import Parameters Intervals
Learn how to import Parameter Intervals in bulk
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Now that you’ve learned about ‘Parameter Intervals’, you can import them to your account in bulk.

To do this you will need to use our excel/.csv importer, make sure to download the template we provide so you know how to fill information in.

1. On the left menu, click in ‘Quality’ and then ‘Parameter Intervals’

2. Click in ‘Import Parameter Intervals’

3. You can choose to import or download a file template in case you are not sure which columns to include. The ‘Machine Code’ is not a mandatory field. You need to define at least a maximum, minimum or target, but you can also define all of them. The file should be previously prepared as follows:

  • Product Code (column A): the code for the product you want to set the parameter interval in.

  • Operation Code (B): the code for the operation you want to set the parameter interval in.

  • Machine Code (C): the code for the machine you want to set the parameter interval in.

  • Parameter Name (D): the name for the Parameter we will be defining the interval for.

  • Min (E): Minimum value for the Interval.

  • Max (F): Maximum value for the Interval.

  • Target (G): Target value for the controlled parameter.

4. Choose the excel file to import and click in ‘Start to send’

5. Read carefully the warnings that may appear:

- Orange warnings - there is an issue with the selected line of the file you imported; however, the system will adapt it and import the file anyway. You must recheck what might have been changed and if you agree with it.

- Red warnings - the system will not import the line with the warning, because something is wrong and a workaround cannot be applied. Nevertheless, you can ignore a line and import the rest of the file, by clicking ‘Ignore line’.

6. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button and your ‘Parameter Intervals’ have been uploaded!

If you still have some doubts about the ‘Parameter Interval Importer’, feel free to reach out in our live-chat feature or directly to your CSM.

Need help? Request a Prodsmart expert to contact you here.

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