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How to generate Serial Numbers in Autodesk Prodsmart?
How to generate Serial Numbers in Autodesk Prodsmart?

Learn how to generate Serial Numbers for your products.

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Serial numbers are a way to uniquely identify a product, generated either sequentially or incrementally during production.

How to start Serialization?

1. First you need to have serialization turned on, so that you can generate serial numbers for your products. To do this go to Settings --> Traceability and enable the option 'Enable to register Lots / Serial numbers'

2. You can edit a product and under the Advanced fields you will have the option to make it 'Serializable' and very important SAVE.

3. After this you need to define in which operation the serial numbers will be generated and activate the option “Allow serial number generation” in it. To do this edit the operation and under the advanced fields you will have that option.

Now you can generate serial numbers for this product when finishing production.

Serial numbers: Automatic or Manual?

You can then define if the units you are producing all have the same serial number or different ones (you have the possibility to generate serial number automatically, which is explained below).

There are also additional configurations that can be set by your account manager, which are explained below:

Automatic Serialization” - You can define an automatic format for your serial numbers and have them be generated automatically by ticking the option “Automatic batch/serial number” & “Use Auto Serial Numbers” and defining the format.

The format can be composed of these tags :

  • [YY] - Year (with two digits) in which the production happened.

  • [MM] - Month in which the production happened.

  • [DD] - Day in which the production happened.

  • [YYYY] - Year (with four digits) in which the production happened.

  • [DDD] - Julian Date

  • [INDEX] - An Index that will increase based on order of creation to differentiate lots created with the same format (For example, if the format is [MM]/[DD]/[YY] - [INDEX], two lots created in the same day would be [MM]/[DD]/[YY] - 001 and [MM]/[DD]/[YY] - 002).

  • [GLOBALINDEX] - An Index that will increase regardless of the product, so that the lots' increment is not repeated in case different products are received / products.

  • [PRODUCTION ORDER] - Code of the production order in which the lot was produced

  • [PRODUCT CODE] - Code of the product produced.

  • [PRODUCT NAME] - Name of the product produced.

  • [PURCHASE ORDER] - Code of the purchase order received. Only applies to when a raw material is being received.

  • [PRODUCT SPEC=X] - Value of the custom field associated to the product, where X represents the custom field name. If you need help setting up a custom field, reach out to the support chat.

“Hide already used serial numbers” - This option hides Serial Numbers that haven't been completed on the operation previous to the one the worker is performing.


1. Why can't I see the option 'Allow serial number generation' in my operation?

That's is because the option 'Serializable' it's not yet active and saved in the product.

If you have any doubt about the serial number generation feature or want us to activate it in your account, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-Chat feature or directly with your Account Manager!

Need help? Request a Prodsmart expert to contact you here.

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