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How can lot numbers be generated during production?
How can lot numbers be generated during production?
Learn how to generate lot numbers during production
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If you have Lot Traceability enabled in Autodesk Prodsmart, you can generate lot numbers for your products when producing them, allowing you to track a product’s journey from production to the customer and even extract a Lot Traceability Report.

Note: For assigning lot numbers when receiving products, check our articles on Receivings.

There are two ways to do this, Automatic (called AutoLots) and Manual (manual input of lot numbers by workers).

Note: For most of these options you will need to first define what step (operation) of your process should generate lot numbers.

Automatic lot generation

There are two AutoLots options available : UseAutoLots and UseAutoLotsPOP

UseAutoLots enables the automatic generation of lot numbers during production, the formats available for lot generation are described further down. To define the operation in which the lots are generated you must enable the option “Allow to input lot number” in that operation.

UseAutoLotsPOP (POP - production order product) generates lots automatically for each “product row” of the production order. The lot will appear in the production order “Lot/Batch Number” field.

For this option you should not enable “Allow to input lot number” in the operation.

We have some tags available you can use to compose the template for the automatic lot, they are :

[MM] - Month in which the production happened.

[YY] - Year in which the production happened.

[DD] - Day in which the production happened.

[INDEX] - An Index that will increase based on the order of creation to differentiate lots created with the same format (For example, if the format were[MM]/[DD]/[YY] - [INDEX], two lots created in the same day would be [MM]/[DD]/[YY] - 1 and [MM]/[DD]/[YY] - 2)

[PRODUCTION ORDER] - Code of the production order that lot was created in.

[PRODUCT CODE] - Code of the product produced.

[PRODUCT NAME] - Name of the product produced.

Manual lot generation

If AutoLots is not enabled you can activate “Allow to input lot number” in an operation and have your workers input the lot number manually when producing.

On the tablet, workers will see the option below, in which they can manually introduce the lot.

Now that you know the possibilities for lot generation, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-Chat feature or directly with your Account Manager, so that we can answer any questions or activate the automatic lots feature for you!

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