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Printing options for Sales Orders
Printing options for Sales Orders
Learn what documents you can print from Sales Orders
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There are four types of documents you can print from your ‘Sales Orders’ in Autodesk Prodsmart.

This article will explain what they are, how to print them, and what information they contain.

To print documents from a ‘Sales Order’ you can go to ‘Sales Order’ -> Select one or multiple Sales Orders -> Press “Print Documents” at the top.

The 4 types of documents you can print are:

Shipping Labels/Bill of Lading: When integrated with a service like ‘Shopify’ or ‘Wayfair,’ you can printShipping Labels; they are an identification label that helps describe and specify what’s inside the delivery package. You can select your carrier (like FedEx or UPS), and the shipping label will be printed for that carrier.

Packing Slip: A packing slip is a document that includes the complete list of items included in a package. The delivery address as well as the quantity and lot for them. This will only include items that have already been shipped in this Sales Order.

Header Sheets: If you have created ‘Production Orders’ to fulfill your ‘Sales Order,’ you can print the ‘Header Sheets’ for those ‘Production Orders’ here, they will include all information about the production order, product, and operations to fulfill it as well as barcodes for those entities.

Picking List: Picking list is a document that contains the list of picking items compiled to fulfil a ‘Sales Order’. It will include the ‘Sales order Code’, the due date, the client and the product code and quantity needed

How to reprint Packing slips and Bills of Lading?

Alternatively you can edit a Sales Order and print a Packing Slip or Bill of Lading from a specific shipping by pressing the 3 dots on it and "Stock movements sheet".

A new window will open detailing all stock movements made for that shipping and allowing you to export them to excel or print documents.

If you have any doubt about these or related features, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-Chat feature or directly with your Account Manager!

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