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Sales Order Management - Order Status
Sales Order Management - Order Status
How you can easily navigate the sales orders menu and automate your order status
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Prodsmart offers a simple interface where you can manage all of your orders from different clients and marketplaces. On the Sales Order menu, you can check new orders, fulfilled orders, available stock, and all the information from your clients, products, and relevant shipping information.

To be able to easily navigate the sales order menu and simplify your order management, Prodsmart can automate your orders status based on actions performed by the users. We will show you what's been working perfectly to our partners.


Sales orders created manually, via import, or connected to a marketplace (Shopify store, Amazon, Wayfair,...), will "drop" in the Sales Orders "OPEN" tab.
For best practices, we recommend our clients to only have orders that are yet to be fulfilled in this tab.

In this screen you can check in one glance the client, ordered products, delivery due date, stock availability and the status of your stock, shipment and production for each sales order.


On the closed orders tab, we should see orders that were already fulfilled. For most of our clients, the orders are moved to the closed orders tab after printing the shipping labels and/or BoLs/Packing Slips. Shipment Status on this tab should be at 100% (indicating that the shipping labels were printed)

Note: Prodsmart can automate the Open to Closed flow, meaning that, when printing the shipping label the order can move automatically to the "CLOSED" tab. If you do manual shipping on Prodsmart, this can also be true. This will guarantee that we have visibility into orders that were already fulfilled, so we don't duplicate orders, or mix up new with old orders.


The "ARCHIVED" orders tab can be used for different situations. For most of our clients, orders are moved to archived after the ASN is sent. There are other situations where orders are moved to the Archived tab if they were cancelled, or are not going to be fulfilled for a specific reason. You can set orders to archived as soon as the shipping, invoicing and paying processes have been completed.

OPEN - New orders, orders yet to be fulfilled.
CLOSED - Fulfilled orders, shipping labels/BoL's/packing slips printed.
ARCHIVED - ASN sent, cancelled orders, payment and invoicing done.

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