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How to register a Receiving in the back-office?
How to register a Receiving in the back-office?
Learn how to receive products in the back-office.
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Autodesk Prodsmart allows you to receive products and associate them to a certain ‘Purchase Order’ both through the back-office and your mobile device (check how to do it, here), thus creating stock movements.

In order to better understand how to do this, let’s use an example. Consider you are a company that sells cakes and you need to purchase ingredients to fulfill an order of 30 strawberry cakes. You should create a Purchase Order to do so, for instance, ‘PuO Strawberry Cake’.

To register the 'Receiving' in the back-office, you can follow the next steps:

  1. In the Purchase Order tab, select the Purchase Order you want to receive the materials for. For now, we want to receive some materials for ‘PuO Strawberry Cake’.

  2. Click in ‘Receive'

  3. Firstly, we will receive ‘Baking flour’ and ‘Sugar’ - select those two products. Here you can adjust the quantity you are receiving and the corresponding ‘Lot/Batch Number’. Click on ‘Confirm’.

  4. You can check your receiving progress in the ‘Purchase Orders’ tab when clicking on ‘More info’. Right now, our progress is 7% - this value is calculated by dividing the total quantity received by total quantity ordered.

You can receive the quantities and products you want whenever you wish - being able to register different ‘Receiving’ for each purchase order as they come along.

If you have any questions regarding registering a 'Receiving' in the back-office, don’t hesitate to contact us through our Live Chat or by reaching out to your account manager.

Need help? Request a Prodsmart expert to contact you here.

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