How to create Parameters
Learn how to add parameters to your products, operations and checklists
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In Autodesk Prodsmart you can define parameters that can later be filled in the back office or by operators, these can be used to define characteristics in products and operations or to create checklists.

In the mobile version, these parameters can be attached to products, operations and checklists to collect various types of information.

1. Create your parameter

To create a parameter you can go to ‘Quality’ > ‘Parameters’ > ‘+Add Parameter’.

After this you can type the parameter ‘Name’, ‘Description’ and the ‘Text’ that will be displayed on the mobile version when a worker is prompted to fill the parameter.

There are four different types of parameters you can create :

  • Text: A box is displayed where the operator can input information in text format.

  • Numeric: A box is displayed where the operator can input numerical information.

  • SingleSelect: The operator is given a dropdown list of options that he can select, these options must be input in the parameter upon creation. The format for the Option must be “Option1,Option2,Option3…”

  • Signature: A box is displayed where the operator can draw his signature.

After selecting the parameter type, you can select where the parameter answers are displayed in reports with the field ‘KPI Type’. This will allow you to select if the parameter answers are displayed near the quantity or the time fields in reports. We suggest you always use the “Quantity” type.

You can also select the box “Optional” if you want this parameter to be optional for operators, if you do not select this, the operator will always need to answer this parameter.

If the parameter is added to an operation you can also select if the operator needs to answer it when starting production, or when ending production.

There is a field called “Order” to select the order of appearance of parameters on production - i.e. if not collected in a checklist but individually. Insert numeric values and those values will be used to sort the CFs when being filled during production.

2. Associate your parameter with products, operations and checklists

After creating it you can then add it to an operation, product or checklist by editing any of these and adding it in the “Parameters” field.

  • You can add “Parameters” in bulk to operations, to see how check our article on Bulk Actions.

Parameters are also what compose checklists, you can add multiple parameters to create a Checklist.

As usual, if you have any doubt about these features, talk with us through our Live-Chat feature or directly with your CSM!

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