Mobile devices are essential to capture live data from your shop floor with Autodesk Prodsmart’s application. Label printers allow you to make this process faster for your workers by allowing them to skip manual data insertion by reading labels printed through Autodesk Prodsmart, these two are significant components of data entry.

For smooth use of our mobile application and printing labels, there are some recommendations regarding devices.


For mobile devices to run our application smoothly, these are the recommended specifications:


OS version: Android 5 or higher

Resolution: 1024x768 or higher

Memory: 1GB Ram or higher

Processor: 1 GHzDual-core or higher


OS version : iOS 12.0 or higher

Resolution : 1024x768 or higher

Memory : 1GB Ram or higher

Processor : 1 GHz Dual core or higher

You can use to check which devices have these specified screen resolution capabilities.

Label Printers

For label printers, we recommend Zebra label printers. We can work with every zebra printer.

To print labels through a mobile device the printer needs to be connected to a computer via wifi or via cable.

If the printing of labels is done at a computer, the printer does not need to have wifi connectivity as it will be connected to the computer already.

We have some articles and expertise in setting them up and creating labels, so feel free to reach us with any doubts you might have.

If you have any questions regarding recommended devices, don’t hesitate to contact us through our Live Chat feature.

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