How to schedule a report
Learn how to set a custom report to be sent to your inbox
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Reports are a fundamental way to get your production data presented in an organized format, allowing you to perform further analysis and make better decisions.

In Autodesk Prodsmart, you can get PDF reports to be sent to you on a regular basis. Please take a look at the steps below:

Setting up scheduled reports

1. Open the reports page and select the report configurations

The first step consists of opening the reports page and choosing the type of report, such as productions report, downtime report, among others. Before scheduling the report, you can apply an additional filter below, as you can see below.

2. On the time interval options, select 'Relative'

Instead of keeping the 'Basic' option, set the relative one, which gives you the options in step 3.

3. Set the time interval

In this step you can select the time interval for the data that you will get on a recurring basis.

4. Final adjustments

In this step, you must hit on 'Schedule Report', and set:

  • the report code;

  • the report generation frequency, which can be Daily, Weekly, or Monthly;

  • the date.

After this step, you just need to hit 'Schedule Report', on the bottom, and your report has been set!

How to manage Scheduled Reports

You can take a look at your current reports here.

At this link you can change the code, time, add more users, frequency, periodicity or delete the report.

In case your goal is changing the information on the report, you must delete the periodic report (on the bottom right corner), and set a new one, with the desired information and details.

If you have any further questions, our support team will be glad to help you! ๐Ÿ’ช

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