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In Autodesk Prodsmart, the quoting feature is available under the Sales Order menu, as you can see on the image below.

After clicking on Add Quote, you'll see the screen below, where you can enter the Quote code and add information about such as the creation date, client, delivery address and observations.

Additionally, you can create several shippings and associate them to different due dates, requested dates, products, quantities, unit prices, and others.

To check the current unit price associated to a product, pass the mouse over the i as shown on the image below. By having this value as reference, you can afterwards define what price must be charged to the customer.

Below you can find a simple example of a quote, with two different shippings. On the bottom, you can also check the total quantities, stock, cost and price.

After finishing this process, you can either save the current quote, create a sales order, or print the current quote. All these options are available on the bottom of the screen.

The printed version will have a layout as shown below.

Additionally, you can also print an internal sheet with the costs included by tapping on Production Costs Sheet.

Tip: if you'd like to go further into your production costs analysis, follow this article.

Print Quote Configuration

You can also customize your Quote Sheet so it can best suit you and your clients:

  1. To add an empty line, do not pick a product.

  2. To add a line with numbering just add [numbering] at the beginning of the Observations field.

  3. To add a name on the Product Column, on empty lines, add it on the Observations field separated by "| |" from the rest of the observation.

Observations formats possible:

  1. Only an observation - regular observation text.

  2. An observation with numbering - [numbering] regular observation text.

  3. An observation with line name - line name || regular observation text.

  4. An observation with line name and numbering - [numbering] line name || regular observation text.


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