This feature is used when your factory produces different variations of the same product, allowing that the same operations result in slightly different products.

Let's say your factory produces Shirts. To produce a shirt, your factory workers perform some operations that are always the same. However, the shirts produced may come in different colors.

To represent this in Prodsmart, you create a product named "Shirt". Then, you define a Performance Indicator, in that product, saying it varies in "Color".

When creating Production Orders, you can now specify different quantities to be produced for different colors of shirts.

This can also be done when creating Production Orders, in your shopfloor tablet.

When a worker starts a production, it will have to choose what type of shirt he will be producing.

When the production is finished, it will have associated the color in which it was produced. If you use Stocks in Prodsmart, you will now be able to see the quantities you have of "Shirt", filtered by its "Color".

A product may have more than one parameter. As an example, "Shirt" could be parameterized not only by "Color" but also for its "Size".

You can use as many parameters as you want, but for the time being, you must ask Prodsmart Support Team to create the parameters for you. We will help you setting up your product parameters.

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