How to Setup Zebra Printers
Find out how to automatically print zebra labels with Autodesk Prodsmart
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Labels allow you to quickly provide important information on products across your factory. As a consequence, printing them in an automatic way will allow you to save workers' time on the shop floor.

If you'd like to learn how to generate and edit labels, follow click here.

If you'd like to setup Zebra printers' Wi-Fi, click here.

Steps to setup Zebra printers

1. Please access the android version that enables zebra printing, available here.

2. When installing this app you need to do a clean install. In other words, if you already have a Prodsmart app installed, you must go to the App info and Clear all data and cache before the new install. Printing directly from Autodesk Prodsmart requires also to connect Zebra printer to the same network of the device that will be used to command the printing activity.

3. After the clean install of the android app, you will now be able to access the Printer menu from your Autodesk Prodsmart tablet account at the bottom of the screen, as shown below:

4. Click at the printer button and you'll find two options: Search Network and Add Manually. If you want to know how to use the Add Manually button, jump to step 6.

Tap on Search Network and the app will now search for a connected Zebra label printer (1). If a printer is found, image (2) will be displayed. If no printer is found, you'll see a message like in the image (3).

5. If the printer is connected to the same network, you just need to click on the printer button.

When the printer is selected, a button named Test Network will show and you will be able to test the printer connectivity by clicking at it and print an Autodesk Prodsmart sample label with the message: "This is a Prodsmart ZPL test". IMPORTANT: You need to click Confirm to confirm that the printer selected will be used, otherwise no printer will be available.

Whenever you want you can go back to the Printer menu and check which one is the currently active printer as well as deleting it and add another.

6. If you have decided to insert your printer manually with the button Add Manually (as shown in step 4), you'll need to insert its IP address manually.

Once again, you need to confirm the printer address to use it. When adding the network manually, please return to the printer menu and print our test label by clicking on the button Test Network so you can ensure the IP was a valid one.

Pro-tip: After connected to Autodesk Prodsmart, you can also print multiple copies of the same labels when recording production or performing inventory moves. Just follow the two steps below:

1. When confirming your production record or inventory move, the following screen will be displayed.

2. To print more than one copy, tap and hold on the button Confirm and Print Barcode
and the screen below will show up. You just need to enter the number of copies, click on Confirm and you're good to go!

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team in case you find any additional difficulties :)

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