On this article we will cover how you can request and deliver materials to your production and between your multiple warehouses.
We will cover 3 main aspects of the process:

  1. How to Create a Material Request;

  2. How to Deliver a Material Request;

  3. How to keep track and manage your Material Requests;

Note: This article is focused on explaining on how to create, manage and deliver Material Requests using the Back-Office.
In order to use the Tablet interface to Request and Deliver Materials please see the following articles:
Mobile App: Material Request / Mobile App: Deliver Materials

1) Create a Material Request

You can find the screen to create your first material request under the Inventory tab, as you can see below

After you enter the screen, in order to to a Material Request, you should click on the "Add Material Request" button, like you see below:

Create Material Request

After that, you will be prompted to the materials request screen, where you'll be able to create and specify the request.

You need to provide a code and a Due Date. The Requested Date will be filled automatically but you can edit that timestamp if you want.

You must also assign the Material Request to a worker, ir order to log the person who requested the material.

After that you can select all the Products, and the quantities, that you want to request.
When you finalize your request you can Save the Material Request.

2) Deliver a Material Request

After the Material Request is created, you need to open it again in order to Deliver the Materials.
After you open the request you should now see a button called: "Deliver Material"

Clicking on the Button will prompt you to the screen to select which Materials you will deliver.

Here you can select, with the checkbox on the left which materials you are delivering, and then for each Material specify quantity, warehouse location where you are delivering the materials from, and the LOT number of the materials you are delivering.

On the right you have some additional information on how much materials are still left to be delivered, and how much stock you have your inventory.

After confirming the delivery you should see the following confirmation screen.

3) Manage and track the status of a Material Request

After the Materials are delivered you can keep track of the progress of the delivery on back on the main screen.

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