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In order to produce the report you need to select:

  • Time period: this date range represents the period of time of the Inventory Movements that will be reportd;

  • Movement type: This option represents the type of Inventory Movement that you want to analyse. As you can see in the box below you can choose to analyse different types of Inventory Movements. If you don't select any value the report will include all types of Inventory Movements.

  • Product: You can filter to see Inventory Movements of a specific Product;

  • Lot/Batch Number: You can filter to see Inventory Movements from a specific Lot

After you generate the report you should be able to see the following screen / information.

Each line represent an Inventory Movement, with the following information:

  • Date;

  • Product;

  • Lot / Batch Number;

  • Movement Type;

  • Quantity of items moved;

  • Warehouse and Warehouse location where the Inventory Movement happened;
    Note: Consumption ALWAYS happens on the Production warehouse

  • Unit of Measurement of the Product

Finally, like every other report in Prodsmart, you can save it in PDF or Excel, using one of the two buttons on the top of the page:

Hope that was useful :)

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