One of the most useful features to use in Prodsmart, if you want to manage your consumption and inventory in a more sophisticated manner, is the Material Staging.

Material Staging allows you to "launch" the necessary amount of raw materials and sub-products needed for a specific Production Order.

Imagine that you have a Production Order  to create 10 units of the Product A and, in order to create Product A, you need to have:

  • 4 units of Product X;

  • 3 units of Product Y;

  • 1 unit of Product Z;

A lot of times, you want to be sure that the Production Order only starts when all these Products (or Materials) are ready and available. The goal of Material Staging is to tell Prodsmart that these Products were "staged" and now the Production Order is ready to be worked on

Doing a Material Staging will automatically:

  • move all the selected goods to the Production warehouse;

  • suggest the moved lots in the consumption screen;

  • activate the respective Production Order to which the materials were staged;

In order to use Material Staging, you will first need to enable the button in Tablet interface.

Below you can see a video explaining how you can use and try Material Staging on your own.

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