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How to avoid loss of connectivity?
How to avoid loss of connectivity?
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One of the most common questions we usually get from our customers is what to do when Internet fails. The reality is that Autodesk Prodsmart is a critical operations management system, and it's not possible to run it offline.

Fortunately,  Internet access is almost ubiquitous everywhere and it's becoming a commodity. Lack of continuous access is a problem that occurs less and less nowadays.

However, in the event of loss of connectivity, there are a few approaches you can take in order to reduce the possibility of loss of internet, and avoid disruption in your operations.

Here are a few common tips we give our customers to address the problems:

  • Install different access points in different places, so that your wireless connection covers all your shop floor;

  • Beside your wireless connection, install some cable connection points on your shop floor which can be used on mobile devices or other types of equipment if needed;

  • Make sure that your devices have 3G connection, to use in case both wireless and cable connection fails;

  • Another good option is actually having two Internet Service Providers. One main provider, and a secondary provider. This creates a good level of redundancy

  • Another common problem that happens is that you lose Internet access due to failure of electric power. For situations where the most common problem is electricity and network failures from your electricity provider, the best option consists in installing a UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) and connect your internet modem, routers or switches to it. A UPS works as a battery backup and it will avoid the internet connection to drop in case you have an electrical shutdown;

By following this steps you'll have much higher chances that your system will not fail, and Autodesk Prodsmart will run smoothly.

Finally, if everything else fails, the last option is to temporarily track information on a paper sheet. It's always possible to backfill information into the system.
And you can even reach out to our team to help you insert that information back. Just send us the scanned files and we'll take care of it :)

All our customers that adopted this measures are quite happy with them and reduced their failure rate to less than 0.01% throughout the year.

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