Whenever a worker wants to perform any action in the tablet, the first screen she/he is prompted to is the ID screen, so she/he can perform the login.

This works very well in situations where you have a device that is shared by multiple workers. However, sometimes you actually have a device that is used by the same worker during a longer period of time (eg.: from an entire shift to several days)

In situations like these we suggest you to start using the Worker Screen.

This button will allow the worker to Login once and, after that, she/he will be automatically identified whenever she/he starts an action Prodsmart, and thus skipping the ID Login screen.

After you add the Worker screen button you will be able to see it like this in our Prodsmart App:

Clicking on the button, will prompt the worker to login and she/he will be back to the main screen after that.

The worker is now logged on permanently. After this, every time she/he selects an action, there won't be a need to login again.

The Worker Screen

The worker is now logged on the Worker Screen and can see a status bar with the following information:

Information on the left:

  1. Operation and Product being worked on;
  2. Production Order code;
  3. Total time spent on current operation;


Information on the right:

  1. Name of the Worker;
  2. Total Number of Operations finished, and total time spent, on the last 24 hours;
  3. Overall Productivity on the last 24 hours;

Log out the Worker Screen

Finally, whenever the Worker wants to logout she/he just needs to click on the Exit Worker Screen button.

Hope that was helpful :)

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