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Learn how to quickly extract information for Purchase Orders
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Purchase Orders' report allows you to list and analyze all the purchase orders in Autodesk Prodsmart over a certain period of time.

This is where you can find it:

1. Go to Reports menu

Click in 'Reports', on the left side of the screen, and then in 'Purchase Orders'.

2. Filter and customize your data

You can filter the purchase orders by time frame or product, as it is displayed on the screenshot below. 

‘Time period’: refers to the due date time interval of the Purchase Orders to be presented. You can either define it, by clicking on the clock symbol, in a basic (selecting start and end date) or relative way (for example, ‘Today’, or ‘Last 7 days’). If you choose a relative time period, you can also choose to schedule the report - learn more about it here. The time interval cannot exceed one month.

‘Purchase Order status’: You can define if you want to see only ‘Open’, ‘Archived’ or ‘Closed’ orders, and any combination of those.

'Consider entries without due date set': Since the due date is not a mandatory field on each sales order, activating this box will allow you to also extract orders with no due date defined in Autodesk Prodsmart.

‘Product’: You can select a product, and see all Sales Orders within your period that contain this product. If you need it, you can also leave the product field blank, and in this case, it will show you all the purchase orders during that period.

Once you get the filters defined, click on ‘Generate Report.’

3. Interpret and download the results

This is an example of the result you get:

At the bottom of the report, you can also find a table that displays the total number of receivings, the total quantity, and how much it all costs.

This report will list the purchase orders, regardless of their approval status (draft, in review, accepted or completed).

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