By now, you should know that you can use Prodsmart on any computer, through your browser, what we call "Back Office". This is where you can have a bigger overview of your factory and manage it.

You should also have at least one tablet (or smartphone) over your factory, where you can introduce production records, insert punch clock, create inventory movements, etc.  

That's why equipping your device with our app is so powerful!

Here's how to install the Prodsmart App:


Seach for" Prodsmart" on Google Play, or follow the link:

Press install, and then accept :

You are now ready to start using Prodsmart on your android device:


If you have an iOS, you can follow the same procedure as for Android, but instead, use the App Store or follow the link:


Prodsmart also runs on Kindle. To install our app on your Kindle, use this link:

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