How to use Sales Orders?
A Sales Order groups the products that your company will have to send to your clients, even if it evolves multiple Shippings.
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What is a Sales Order?

In Autodesk Prodsmart, a Sales Order represents the products that your company will have to send to your clients. Before creating a Sales Order you need to have the Client and the Products created in Autodesk Prodsmart (check out How to create a Product? and How to create a Client?).

How to create a Sales Order?

  1. On the left bar select "Sales Orders"

2. On the Sales Orders menu, click on "+Add Sales Order";

3. On the next screen start by filling in the "Code" and "Client"

4. On the Shipping box, select the due date and the requested date for the correspondent production

How to create a Sales Order with multiple Shippings?

If you want to send the ordered products to your client in different dates you can arrange them in different Shippings since one Sales Order may contain more than one Shipping.
Each Shipping must have at least one Product. You can also create different Shipping just to better organize the ordered products. When creating a Sales Order, Autodesk Prodsmart will automatically create the Shipping for you.

By clicking Add new Shipping you can create different Shipping inside a Sales Order. To add more products to a Shipping, click Add Product.

The previous screen shows the total ordered products so that you can easily confirm them.

How to create Production Orders for the ordered products?

Autodesk Prodsmart will help you create the Production Orders necessary to produce the quantities ordered by your client. By clicking Create Production Orders you can easily create the Production Orders.

How to notify Clients about their orders?

When a Sales Order or Shipping changes its status, Autodesk Prodsmart automatically creates a notification. These notifications will appear on the Sales Order page. An example can be seen in the following image.

Although the notifications are automatically created they are not automatically sent to the client. You must send (or re-send) a notification so that your client receives an e-mail. The e-mail sent to your client will contain a link where they can check in real-time the status of the order. Click on See as client to see as they will see the notification.

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