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Status and Progress of the last updated Production Orders
Status and Progress of the last updated Production Orders
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In the bottom half of your panel you can see the last Production Orders which were updated as soon as productions are inserted in the system.

In the center, you can see the last updated Production Order, i.e., the last Production Order in which a Production was inserted.

On the left side, you can see the status of your last Production Orders in Execution. On the right, you can see the recently completed Production Orders.

In the center, below, you can see how many operations were completed in accordance with quality standards (“OK”) and those who are not in accordance with the standards (“NOK”). You can also check the estimated time (“Est.”) that the worker was supposed to take to complete the operation, the time that was indeed used in the operation (“Work.) and its respective difference, or deviation (“Devi.”) which indicates if the time spent on that operation is in accordance with the estimated time.

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