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Export the data of your analysis
Export the data of your analysis
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After having chosen the objects which you want to analyze, the type of analysis and what factors you want to analyze, you may want to save the data of those analyses to be able to work with them on an external program.

You can do precisely that this way in your Analysis Dashboard:

1) Press “See data tables”. The analysis’ data which you performed will pop in the place of the chart.

2) If you want to export your data in csv. Format (Comma Separated Values) to able to analyze it in a spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, LibreOffice Calc or Apple Numbers, just to hand out a few examples), you can do it by pressing “Export CSV”.

3) If you want to export in PDF format, in order to be easier to the save the document in your computer or to print it, you can do it by pressing “Export PDF”.

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