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The analysis in Autodesk Prodsmart can be performed base on 6 factors. To choose any of these you just have to press the respective button on the graph.

Productivity – Choosing this factor produces a graph with the following variables:

- Productivity - It is the speed with which each operation is performed as a percentage of the defined optimal productivity. That is, the number of parts produced multiplying by the optimal production time, dividing by the time that was actually consumed with part production. Formula: (Parts Produced * Optimal Cycle Time) / Produced Time = Productivity

- Client Productivity - The same as Productivity (see above) with a variation, instead of Optimal Cycle Time, we have Budget Cycle Time. This metric is particularly useful for situations where companies sell production time to their clients and make a profit by increasing the efficiency. Formula: (Parts Produced * Budget Cycle Time) / Produced Time = Client Productivity


Waste – Percentage of production which is waste, i.e., the percentage of defective units produced relative to the total amount of units produced.



- Quantity – Number of units produced in accordance with quality standards.

- Quantity of Waste - Number of units produced not in accordance with quality standards.



Produced Time - Average hours spent by workers effectively producing.

Presence Time – Average hours spent by workers in the plant.



Productivity – The speed at which each work center works as a percentage of the optimal productivity for which it is designed to.

Formula =(Parts Produced * Optimal Cycle Time) / Produced Time


Time to produce units = 242 Units * 1,5 Minute/Unity = 363 Minutes

Productivity = 363 Minutes / 390 Minutes = 93,0%

Availability – Represents the percentage of the scheduled time that the operation has to operate.

Formula= Uptime / Available Time


Operational Time = 450 Scheduled Min – 60 Non-Scheduled Downtime Min = 390 Minutes

Availability = 390 Minutes / 450 Minutes = 86,6%

Quality – The good units produced as a percentage of all the units started.

Formula= (Units Produced – Defective Units) / Units Produced


Units in accordance with = (242 total units produced – 21 defective units) = 221 good units

Quality = 221 good units / 242 units produced = 91,32%

OEE – “Overall Equipment Effectiveness”, known in the jargon as “OEE”, is a composite metric which quantifies how far a factory is from its optimal performance – the performance level for which it was designed to. It is an aggregation of other three factors (Availability, Productivity and Quality).

Formula= Availability * Productivity * Quality


Using the values of the aforementioned examples for each one of the OEE factors:

OEE = 86,6% * 93,0% * 91,32% = 73,55%

Graphic example:

OEE Analysis - This type of analysis uses a graph which you might already know from our Dashboard. The indicators are exactly the same. The special feature in here is that you can choose other objects of analysis and analyze OEE and its constituent factors (Productivity, Availability and Quality) of each object. This is extremely useful if you want to know what the OEE of each Worker, Product or Operation is, for instance.

Downtime - This type of analysis provides you the information of the time that there was no production. According to the type of analysis you select you are provided with each type of downtime you have selected (planned, unplanned) or associated with each machine and worker. The image bellow shows the amount of downtime associated with each machine.

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