Prodsmart defines a product as being a series of operations through which a raw material goes.

Before defining the operations that constitute the product you must first create the product’s reference.

1) Main panel

From the Main panel, access the Products panel by clicking "Products" in the sidebar.

2) Products Panel

In the Products panel click “+Add Product”.

3) Product Form

In the form to create a new product, insert the “Code” – the unique product identifier – and the “Name” – which purpose is to easily identify any given product.
You can leave the fields “Families”, "Parameters", "Lead Time (days)"  and “Box quantity” blank, for now.

4) Save

After having completed the above form’s required fields, “Code” and “Name”, click “Save and continue editing”.

5) The End

Congratulations! You have created your new product!

Now that you already know how to create a product in Prodsmart, know how to add operations to it.

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