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Production Counter is a way of inputting the produced quantity for a given production. Besides the usual way of inserting the produced quantity (through the Insert Production menu), workers may also use the Production Counter option.
 How can a worker use this method to input the produced quantity?
In order for this option to show up in the worker's mobile device, Production Counter button must be enabled for that tablet user. To do this, an administrator should go to Users > Edit the tablet user > Tablet buttons and make sure Production Counter is present in that list, as shown in the following image.

If the tablet user already has the Production Counter button enabled, the worker only needs to click that button in the main menu and follow the usual flow of starting / closing a production. The only difference will be the way he inputs the produced quantity.

 Why should a worker use this method to input the quantity?
Using this method, a worker may count the produced units just by pressing a button each time he finishes a single unit.

This way, the administrators will be able to see, in the administration area, the progress that's being made by each worker, in real time.

By using this method, workers won't need to count the produced units at the end, because every unit will already be registered at the system, when they finish each production.

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