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Production Counter is an alternative way of inputting the produced quantity for a given production. Besides the usual way of inserting the produced quantity (through the Insert Production button), workers may also use the Production Counter option. Using this method, a worker may count the produced units just by pressing a button each time he finishes a single unit.

Required Tablet Set Up

1. Go to "Devices" and select the option "Device Set up".

2. Select the desired set up, previously created, and in the dropdown "Add Buttons", select the one that says "Production Counter".

3. Save the device Set Up, after making sure the button was added to the set up.

Production Counter Usage

To use the production counter on your device, follow these steps:
1. In the tablet, go to "Production Counter"

2. Insert the worker ID, select the production order, the product and desired operation. The following screen will be presented.

3. Press the button "Add one unit" every time a single unit of the product is finished.

4. Close production as soon as all units have been finished and produced.

By using this method, workers won't need to count the produced units at the end, because every unit will already be registered at the system, when they finish each production.

Important Note: The production counter feature does not support operations set as "no time" or "no quantity".


1. When workers have the record open for several hours, I can't see their production live. How can I prevent this?

The data collected via production counter is only updated when workers close production. However, you can activate the setting below (available under Settings > Production > Counter), which in every hour will close the open production and open a new one. This will allow more accurate analysis while production is still ongoing.

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