Barcodes in Prodsmart can be used for:

 Worker login 

In the workers menu in the administration area you can print barcodes to be used by workers to login after choosing an action. Just read the barcode when you're asked to present your card or insert your number and the app will login the worker.

Select Production Order, Product and Operation

If you take a Production Order header sheet along the production flow, the workers can input the Production Order, Product and Operation they'll be performing with one barcode read. Just read the Operation barcode and you'll be good to go.

If you want to individually select the barcodes, you can: in the product menu, you can print another header sheet that will allow you to have a barcodes for product selection and operation selection.

Operation barcode printing

In each operation you can enable barcode printing. When a production is finished, the worker will have the option of printing a barcode that contains the Production Order, the Product and the Quantity that was produced in that production. You can use that barcode to select Production Order and the Product when the worker is initiating another production (he'll have to select the Operation on the tablet or read it from another barcode).

You can also use it to input quantities (and automatically sum them). Press the blue button next to the quantity input before reading the barcodes if you're doing this on a PC.


Right now the barcode printing is only available from Android and PC.

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