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How to insert a machine into the system?
How to insert a machine into the system?
Learn how to properly set your machines in Prodsmart
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A machine is any tool, instrument or device that is relevant to perform a specific operation.

After you have set the necessary operations to produce a product, you now have to create the machines which are going to be used in each operation.

1) Main Panel

From the Main panel, access the Machines panel by pressing "Machines" in the sidebar.

2) Machines Panel

In the Machines panel press “+Add Machine”.

3) Machine Form

In the machine’s form, the most important fields are:

  • Code: the unique machine identifier;

  • Name: which purpose is to easily identify the machine;

  • Automatic: this machine setting defines if the worker is linked to the machine or not:

    • If inactive, the worker is linked to the machine and thus it's not possible to start additional production without closing the ones that were started.

    • If active, the worker assigned to the machine can start new production. In other words, activating this box enables the worker to start production in several machines at any time.

  • Production can not be closed by other workers: the production using this machine can only be closed by the worker that started it;

  • Parallel production: defines if production can be started on a machine that is currently producing:

    • if inactive, a machine that is currently producing is not available to start more production.

    • if active, the machine will always be available to start new production records (regardless of being producing at the moment or not).

  • Total cycles input: changes the way wastes are asked on the production checkout:

    • If inactive, the quantity to be entered on checkout must only include OK units produced. The system will afterwards ask about the NOK units, and will keep both values with no changes.

    • If active, the quantity to be entered on checkout must be the TOTAL units produced (OK + NOK). The system will afterwards ask about the NOK units, and will automatically calculate quantity produced = TOTAL - NOK.

  • Reason codes: possible reasons that can cause the machine to stop. You can check how to create downtime reason codes here.

  • Section: physical section of the factory in which the machine will be producing. You can investigate sections here.

Additional fields, such as “Parameters”, "Counter", and "Components" are not mandatory and, for now, you can leave them blank.

4) Save

After completing the required fields in the form to create a new machine, “Code” and “Name”, and any additional one you find relevant, press “Save Machine”.

5) The End

Congratulations! You have created your machine!

Now that you know how to insert machines into the system, read more about how to create a production order.

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