Every worker who performs activities related to production or inventory management must be included in Autodesk Prodsmart.

That will make the system aware of the workers who are available to assume several production assignments while giving it the opportunity to check different reports and data on an individual basis.

1) Main Panel

From the Main panel, access the Workers panel by clicking "Workers" on the sidebar.

2) Workers Panel

In the Workers panel press “+Add Worker”.

3) Worker Form

In the insert worker’s form, you must complete the following fields:

  • "Number" - the number that identifies each worker;

  • "Name" - the worker’s name – for clarity’s sake, the name should be as complete as possible, to avoid misunderstandings about who is who.

  • "Shift" - Choose the shift during which the employee can work.
    Note: Autodesk Prodsmart has a default shift, to create different shifts, go to Workers - Shifts and create a new one which you can assign to workers.

Moreover, it's also possible to add the Sections, RFID, Cost per hour, Language, WorkShifts, Skills and check the Worker Groups.

4) Save

After completing the insert worker form’s required fields, “Number”, “Name”,  and “Shift”, and additional information if needed, click on “Save Worker”.

Now that you already know how to insert workers in Autodesk Prodsmart, you can check their status (working, downtime, with no records today, and idle) in this link.

Moreover, the worker is empowered with the worker screen to see his status and what was done over the last 24 hours.

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