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How does the Purchase Order Approval Workflow work?
How does the Purchase Order Approval Workflow work?
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How to require Approval of a Purchase Order?

  1. If you are a user (which is not an admin) create a Purchase Order, which “Initial Approval Status” will be set as Draft. 

2. These Purchase Orders will automatically appear on the “Open Purchase Orders” tab.

3. Click “Edit” in a specific Purchase Order to open the Purchase Order information screen. The order can be edited until it is approved or rejected.

4. Click in "Send to Review"

Once you click in “Send to Review”, the Purchase Order will initiate the previously set approval workflow, which means that every Admin or user with a Purchase Order Leader role, will be able to approve or reject them.

How to approve a Purchase Order?

  1. To approve a Purchase Order, the user will need to change the status of the Purchase Order to “Confirmed”. 

  2. The Admin or user with Purchase Order Leader role will see a green button to approve it, or a red one to reject it.

3. For Admins or Purchase Order Leaders to be notified about the new Purchase Order for approval, it is necessary to create a Purchase Order in Review Alert and select the users who should be notified. Learn here how to setup an Alert.

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