On Prodsmart it is possible to create regular one-time Maintenance Orders and Recurring Maintenance Orders, whether the Maintenance Order you are creating is to happen one single time or to be a recurring event on your calendar.

How to create a Single Maintenance Order?

  1. On the left menu, click in Maintenance Orders, under the Maintenance tab

  2. Click +Add Maintenance Order

3. Fill all the fields with the relevant information about this Maintenance Order.
Code: Needs to be a unique code for every Maintenance Order
Description: Provide a detailed enough  self-explanatory description of the Maintenance Order
Due date: Set the due date for the Maintenance Order
Estimated Duration: Define the estimated duration for the entire performance of the Maintenance Order
Priority: Select the level of Priority of the Maintenance Order
Type of Maintenance: Select the box, either it is a Preventive or corrective Maintenance Operation

4. Click “Save Maintenance Order” or “Save and add other” if you want to add another Maintenance Order

How to create a recurring Maintenance Order?

Open the Preventive Maintenance Order you want to make recurring and click on “Create recurrency”, next to the order type.

  1. Fill all the fields

  2. Click “Save Recurring Order”

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