Before you start this tutorial, you'll need to create warehouse locations and mastering Inventory receiving and shipping. Check these two articles to learn how:

Prodsmart allows you to do an Internal Inventory Movements using the back-office view or the "tablet" mode.

Create an Internal Inventory Movement (back-office)

1. On the left menu, click on Inventory >> Inventory Movement

2. Click  on Internal Inventory Movement

3. Fill all the required fields on the left, with the information about the stock you will be moving and the Picking location.

4. Click on +Add at the Dropped at Pannel 

5. Fill the information about the Dropping Location

6. Click Save Inventory Movement or Save and Add another

Create an Internal Inventory Movement (tablet view)

1. First you'll need to configure the Inventory Move button. Check this articleto learn how to do it;

2. Select the Inventory Move button and input your worker ID;

3. Choose the Warehouse and warehouse location you are picking from;

4. Choose the Warehouse and warehouse location you are dropping to:

5. Now that you've selected the picking and dropping point, you are ready to select the product that you want to move. If you're managing LOT numbers you'll be able to select the  that you want to move after selecting the product;

6. Select the quantitie that you want to move;

7. At the final step, you'll be able to add a Comment to your move. To do that press the "Add comment" button;
If you have more than one product to move, you can select the "Add another" button. You will be able to change the pick and drop locations for the new product if needed;
To confirm all the movements, please select the "Submit" button. 

Pro Tip: You can use a barcode reader, to read products and lot barcodes on the step 5.

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