How to setup your shop floor device
Learn how to add, remove and move buttons on your shop floor device for a fully customized data collection experience
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The visible buttons on your shop floor device will allow workers to perform specific operations, such as registering production, a machine downtime or a quality checklist.

There are currently 32 buttons available on Autodesk Prodsmart but we highly recommend you to setup your shop floor device for an easier and faster user experience.
You can create as many Device setups as you need, according to different utilizations of Autodesk Prodsmart: One for Workers who need to Insert Productions and other with access to Quality features, for instance.

Change your Device buttons

There are 2 options to change your shop floor buttons, first choose another device setup in the input devices page or second you can Edit the device setup itself.

First option:

1. Go to Input Devices under the Device menu and edit the device you want to change the buttons.

2. Inside the input device select another Setup that fit your needs.

3. Press Save Input Device to save your changes.

Second option (Note that this approach will impact all the devices with this device setup assigned to them ⚠️ ):

1. Go to Setup Devices under the Device menu and edit the setup you want to change the buttons.

2. Inside the setup device you'll find the buttons field. The gray boxes represent all the buttons that are currently visible on your devices that have this setup. Here you can add, remove or rearrange buttons to fit your needs:

- To add new buttons, you must select them on the Add Buttons dropdown box.

- To remove buttons, you need to click on the X on the right side of each button.

- To rearrange the order of the visible buttons, you need to drag the gray boxes until they reach the desired position.

Activate the Default option if you want that this setup is automatically assigned to new Input devices.

3. Press Save Device Setup to save your changes.

How will my shop floor tablet look?

We recommend you to select only the buttons that your workers need to use and to order them by using frequency.

Below are two examples of two different device setups, according to different needs.

You can also check the article below for further information on this topic:

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