Prodsmart allows you to do complete inventory management, and all starts with stock in/out your products. You can do it using the back-office area or, on your mobile device using the "tablet" view.

Create an Inventory Movement (back-office)

1. On the left menu, click on Inventory >> Inventory Movements

2. Click on +Add Inventory Movement

3. Fill all the Required Fields. On the Type of Movement box, select if you're doing an In or Out movement.
If you're already using warehouse management on Prodsmart you should select the location.

4. Press the "Save Inventory Movement" button to finish.

Create an Inventory Movement (front-office / mobile device view)

1. First you'll need to configure the Shipping and Receiving button. Check this articleto learn how to do it.

2. On the Tablet, click on Shipping and Receiving button.

3. Insert your worker ID

4. To select the product which you will be Shipping or Receiving, you can either click on the respective button or scan a barcode

Note: When shipping, if you scan the barcode, the lot information will be automatically filled and you will just need to confirm the number of items.

5. Insert the quantity of goods and select the button Received or Sent, wheter you are Shipping or Receiving goods.

6. If the quantities you're moving belong to a lot/batch, input the lot code.
You can use the Add comment  button to insert a comment

7. If you're using warehouses the warehouse selection page will be prompt. At this step select the warehouse and the warehouse location to/from where do you want to make the move. 

8. Finally, confirm the movement by clicking on Submit.If you click on Add another, you can start the previous process again to add another movement.
If you're printing labels with the Inventory movements, you can select the Confirm and Print Barcode to print the label

Pro Tip:
If you want to print a label (with barcodes) after registering shipped or received goods, please ask us to enable this feature.

To ease the register movements of Shipping and Receiving goods, it is possible to use a barcode scanner to identify the product that is being Shipped/Received.

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