Before creating a Downtime, you must create Downtime Reason Codes that you can assign to it.
A Reason Code is the source of your Downtime and you can have as many Reason Codes as you need.

How to create a Downtime Reason Code

  1. On the left menu, click on Reason Codes

  2. Click on +Add Downtime Reason Code

3. Fill the Code and Description
4. Check all the boxes that can define the type of Downtime you are creating:

Planned downtimes: Expected downtimes which may have estimated times. They can be assigned to a product, machine or machine component;

Calendar downtimes: Include any general break, such as a bank holiday or vacations. Calendar Downtimes will discount the presence time of a worker on the factory and are displayed on a worker’s worktime report. These downtimes should not be used on machines, only on workers.

Requires worker: A worker needs to be assigned to the downtime. This downtime will count as work time for that worker and can be seen on the worker’s worktime report.

Reclassifiable: Activate this option if you want to allow the reclassification of a Downtime Reason Code in the middle of an operation.

Idle time: This option enables machines to appear as available on the status dashboard, and production records can be started on them. However, if active, this downtime discounts production time to production records. If a machine has a production record and an idle downtime, a warning on the machine’s dashboards will be displayed.

Allow Worker to insert additional notes

5. Click Save Downtime Reason Code, Save and Continue Editing or Save and Add Another

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