1. On the Safety & Health menu, click on Checklists

2. Click on +Add Checklist

3. Fill the required fields with the Code and Name of the Checklist

4. Select the Parameters that you want to assign to the Checklist

5. Click on Save Checklist to save it, on Save and Continue Editing if you want to continue editing this Checklist or on Save and Add Another if you have finished editing this Checklist and you want to Save it and Add another one.

How to run Safety & Health Checklists?

  1. On the Workers menu, click on Checklist Record

2. Choose the Checklist Type

3. Choose the Checklist that you want to record

4. The Checklist will require the correct answers in all the fields. 

It is possible to set an alert and receive a message on your email every time a specific parameter in a Checklist doesn’t correspond to a specific value. Read our tutorial on how to set alerts.

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